Apply to be on our 2018-2019 team!

Dear current or prospective TAG Team member,

We are so excited you are interesting in getting involved with TAG (or continuing to participate)! At this point, if you have no clue what TAG is, you can find more information through our site or by emailing us with any questions (

In preparation for next year, we are beginning to assemble our team. We are looking for a team of dedicated teens who are interested in working together to organize and curate galleries throughout the year. Please read about each position at the bottom of this page, then fill out the application form. While board members should live in the NYC area, there are plenty of ways for non-NYers to get involved (submitting art, becoming an ambassador, etc.). 

Please fill out the form below by September 21st. We look forward to reading your applications and building an amazing and dedicated team! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Isabel, Natasha, and Surya.


Application Form


Position Descriptions

Media Director (2-3 people):

  • Running TAG’s website, instagram, and facebook.

    • Instagram -- finding artists to feature and promoting TAG and our shows.

    • Facebook -- posting about submitting, promoting the show, organizing photos, etc.

    • Website -- creating archives of teen work, updating the submission page with the Curatorial Director, etc.

  • Creating social media content (photos and cover photos) for TAG team members and ambassadors to share. Encouraging team members and ambassadors to post on their accounts for TAG.


Press Director (1-2 people):

  • Creating press releases for upcoming shows.

  • Contacting media sources to get coverage for TAG.

  • Delegating press-outreach: assigning team members to contact certain outlets.


Ambassador Program Director (1-2 people):

  • Finding “ambassadors” for TAG (read more about what an ambassador does on our website) -- this includes reaching out to teen artists from across the country by finding them on instagram, emailing schools, messaging that artsy kid you met once on vacation 5 years ago, encouraging TAG team members to reach out to their friends, etc.

  • Communicating with ambassadors to promote TAG in various ways: reaching out to local organizations, posting on social media, etc.


Curatorial Director (2-3 people):

  • In the beginning of the year, you will lead the discussion on the theme, goals, and objectives for the art in our main 2017-2018 exhibition.

  • Generally organizing the submission process (maintaining an online form).

  • Leading a meeting (or two) with the whole group to go through all submissions.


Logistics Director (3-4 people):

  • You will be in charge of finding a venue for our main TAG gallery. The directors will work closely with you on this, so do not fear!

  • Coordinate the set-up and closing of the gallery: who will be there, what supplies are needed, etc.

  • You will coordinate with all of the artists to figure out how to get their work to the gallery and how to return the work at the end of the show.


Finance Director (1-2 people):

  • You will work closely with co-Directors and other Directors to manage the TAG budget.

  • You will get access to our bank account and will decide how much money will go towards different aspects of the organization (merch, charity, supplies, etc.)


Sales & Merch Director (1-2 people):

  • Design any merchandise and products for TAG.

  • Run and monitor the online store. We will hopefully be adding art to this online store as well, so you would manage this.