If any of your questions aren't answered below, please email teenartgallery@gmail.com

What can I do if I have no means of getting my art onto a computer?

Contact T.A.G at teenartgallery@gmail.com. We will most likely arrange a meeting time with you.

Can I still submit if I live outside of New York City?

Yes, we love receiving submissions from all over! Many of the submissions we receive are from outside of New York– some are even from outside of the US. Please bear in mind that if your work is selected, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping your work to New York for the show. If your work is not sold, you will also be responsible for the cost of shipping your piece back to you.

What format should I submit my images in?

A JPEG is best. Everything else is probably fine. If we can’t open your files we will contact you.

When will I find out if my works were or were not picked?

It’s hard to say -- it may take us two weeks to pick the pieces or it may take us two months. Just know that YOU WILL HEAR FROM US.

Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can send in?

Nope, keep sending them. If you run out of space for attachments, just send another submission right after the first one.

Is there a theme?

There will be a loose theme for our main gallery. The theme for our most recent gallery (TAG: Do You Mind?) was Mental Health and Politics. This was fairly loose, and included moods, an identity, stress, political statements, etc. There were also many pieces that had NOTHING to do with the theme! We also intend to feature work in cafes or an additional gallery this year and those likely won't have a theme. So please SUBMIT ANYTHING.