T.A.G. Directors

Eliza Bender

Patrick Ferris

Eliza Poster

T.A.G. Team

Ambassador Directors: Cy Goudsmit, Scout Winer, Sarah Yang

Curatorial Directors: Fabliha Anbar, Lily Banker, John Patrick Ferris, Jaden Katz, Lucy Schwartzreich

Media Director: Isis Kamit

Press Director: Eliza Poster

Finance Directors: Brooke Giddon, Alissa Liu

Merch Director: Eliza Bender

T.A.G. Ambassadors 

Ambassadors are primarily involved in artist outreach, and help inform teens in their communities about the great opportunity to submit work. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email teenartgallery@gmail.com with the following information: name, high school, location, and a few sentences on why you would be interested in being a T.A.G. ambassador.